Good Practices for Link Building

Building high quality and relevant links to your blog is key for search engine rankings and traffic.  Here is a helpful short guide outlining 5 good practices for link building on how to be effective while doing so. Good Sound … Read More

Multiple google-site-verification Meta Tags

If you were wondering if it was Ok to have multiple google-site-verification meta tags on your website, the answer is Yes it is. From Google webmaster central FAQ: Website verification: #multiple-owners Q: How can I give someone else access … Read More

Quora Really Hates its Users

Just ran into an inexplicably bad user interaction design today. Quora must really hate me. I’ve heard this called a “squeeze” page in marketing circles, but when I’m an active user, I don’t need the squeeze. Basically, I have an … Read More

San Francisco WordPress Specialists

In search of San Francisco WordPress specialists? Red Bridge Internet are local San Francisco Bay Area WordPress experts specializing in plugin, theme, and application development for WordPress powered websites. We have been developing LAMP stack open source websites and web … Read More