We recently relaunched with a brand new site. Working with Sysdig and their designers we created a modern update focused on cross device compatibility and accessibility. The new site helps make all their product information and documentation available for new and current clients.

Sysdig provides a powerful and flexible system to monitor and troubleshoot container technology. They offer open source and enterprise offerings that provide visibility into containers and microservices.

A Whole New Layout

A large part of the project centered around custom block layouts used throughout the site. We engineered the blocks to be reusable and work for the various types of content and designs. Custom spacing, layout, content, colors and patterns are available for each section.

Focusing on ease of use the blocks can be added and rearranged to work with any content. As we continue to work with Sysdig we will extend these blocks to add new features.


Keeping the old with the new

Incorporating the existing blog posts and resources were very important to keep a consistent look across the entire site. We also introduced an advanced filtering feature to the site search. This allows the user to to command their searches and focus on relevant content.

One of the new additions to the site are the Use Case articles. Feature packed blog posts with custom side navigation that moves with the article. The articles also extend the custom block architecture that allows for adding various and complex content.

Here at Red Bridge Internet we worked diligently with Sysdig and their release timetables. We reviewed the site and added their input as we geared up to launch the site which went through without issue.

The new looks and functions great. It is easier for potential clients and current users to find information. Check out the new site today. If you have any questions about updates for your own business, large or small, call us today to get started!

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