Need a WordPress Website Update?

Are you thinking you need a WordPress website update? Are you considering refreshing your design or doing a complete overhaul? What is the best approach for your site? These are among the many questions I get asked on this topic.  The correct answer varies for all and is dependent on your current site’s effectiveness both on the marketing and management end. Let’s drill down on a few key issues to explore during this decision making process.

My first inquiry starts with getting the background on the current site. How long have you been operating with the current site? How long has it been since your last refresh? What drove that action and how is the site serving you today? Most people will be able to list a few points on what the site is lacking or not doing well currently and that tends to drive the conversation further. Fundamentally the need to update a WordPress website boils down to addressing one or more of these main factors: site optimization, SEO, mobile responsiveness,  site features, goals and lead generation (marketing intelligence), design, re-branding and back-end management (edit-ability). As your development partner it’s our job to identify how and to what extent you can benefit from a WordPress site update.


Mobile Responsiveness

With the ever increasing number of mobile users on the internet you need to make it a top priority that your site is mobile responsive. If your website infrastructure doesn’t support mobile responsiveness it is time to update your website. Not having a mobile responsive website negatively affects your search ranking. We can help you arrive at a sound solution to handle this critical update.

Lead Generation and Re-branding

Is your site relatively aged? Have you updated your branding and refined your target audience? Are there inconsistencies with the user flow on your website? Are you not capturing leads as effectively as desired?  You are a good contender for a site redesign.

Editing Ability

Do you find your abilities in making an edit to your site are limited? Is it too difficult to handle a simple content update? Are you struggling to remember the multiple steps to change a banner or make a content update?  These are all signs that the back-end is not structurally sound for you to easily manage and that you could benefit immensely from a site update.

Optimization and SEO

A WordPress site audit is a good place to start in identifying areas that need to be improved on the optimization and SEO front.  Conducting a thorough site audit enables us to identify aspects and areas where search engine optimization and technical SEO can be improved.


Once you have drilled down on the above considerations you will want to arrive at a sound approach to update your website. We’ll be able to factor in your goals, timeline and budget to focus on a road map to success. My rule of thumb is there is a lot we can address in a season to help you get to the next level in your business! Call us today to get started.



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