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Four Free Options for Adding Contact Forms to your Website

Let’s say you have a static website hosted on something like Github Pages. I have one at edreckers@github.io. I am pointing my domain edreckers.com to it via CNAME.

These are static HTML sites and I needed to place a contact form on it. I needed a simple solution for someone to submit an email and comment/message on my static site.

Here are four ways to add an email form on a static HTML only website.

You get 3 free embeddable forms with a single Wufoo account. You can see this option used on my own personal website at www.edreckers.com. This is a Github Pages static hosted website with a CNAME record for www.edreckers.com.

Brace Forms
These guys just have you point the form action to their site along with your url. From Brace.io, “Just send your form to our URL and we’ll forward it to your email. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required — perfect for static sites!”

Simple Form
You create an account with them, receive a public API key and check your messages with a private API key. You get the form HTML which you can embed on your static site. From Simple Forms, “Simple Form allows you to setup forms with any kind of data (including file uploads) in 2 easy steps”.

Google Docs
Google Docs let’s you create an embeddable form that you can collect in Google Sheet. From the Google Docs page, “Create a form and collect the responses in a Google Docs spreadsheet.”.

I’m sure there are others, but if you’re looking for ways to embed a contact form on a static HTML page or website, you can’t go wrong looking into the options above.

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Good Options For Free Stock Images For WordPress Websites

Let’s face it finding  good quality stock photos can be cumbersome. Are you building websites with full screen hero images? Are you managing social media campaigns and are seeking some fun and refreshing images to breathe life into the mundane? Need big images for your WordPress template? If you answered yes to any of these, then take note of the following sources for some of the best stock photo sites I’ve stumbled upon.

Note, many of these offer a free subscription offer which will have new images emailed to you.

Another noteworthy source is to conduct searches in Flickr, Google Images and Creative Commons for images licensed for reuse.

If you find yourself searching for good options for free stock images make sure to bookmark this post for future reference.

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Compelling Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Use Infinite Scroll On Your Website

Ever notice the serious scrolling mode we are in these days when surfing the internet?  Infinite scrolling experiences are most predominant on social, fashion and other image centric websites. Although it may appear as a fun and perky experience,  there are some serious compelling reasons why you don’t want to use infinite scroll on your website.

Top reasons to avoid using infinite scroll

  • Inability to jump to the end of the page.
  • Footer not visible (it’s a hassle when you want to find any viable information on the website you are visiting).
  • Due to the fact that you are using a greater browser memory your experience will be slow.
  • Leave the page and you will loose your ability to pick up where you left off.
  • SEO is left way behind! Anything below the first scroll will not be optimized.

So when tempted to turn on the switch for infinite scroll on your website consider the above first before proceeding (if at all!).


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