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Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress Multisite Domains

San Francisco WordPress ConsultantsI was in the market for a Google Analytics plugin to track individual domains on a WordPress Multisite installation under a single Google Analytics Profile.

There is a current maintained plugin for this called Google Analytics MU.

This is a fork of a more well represented plugin (in the search engine results) called Google Analytics Multisite Async which was last updated 2011-2-8. The author of the Google Analytics MU plugin noted he forked it because the developer of the Google Analytics Multisite Async was unavailable, which I also found to be the case when trying to content the plugin author.

You’ll want to install Google Analytics MU and “Network Activate”.  Configure the settings and you’re ready to go.

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How to lowercase Yoast WordPress SEO Meta Keywords

If you need to make lowercase the Yoast WordPress SEO meta keywords output, you can simply filter the output.

Make sure that under “Sitewide mta settings” you have checked “Use meta keywords tag?”.

Then, if you’d like you can use the “Meta keywords template” and adding something like this:

%%title%% %%page%%

This will display your meta keywords tag most with initial caps (capitalization of the first word).

Use the following filter to lowercase all words output by the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for your meta keywords:

 * strtolower WordPress SEO meta keywords
function strtolower_wpseo_metakeywords( $content ) {
    return strtolower( $content );
add_filter('wpseo_metakeywords', 'strtolower_wpseo_metakeywords');

That’s it. If you’re using the WordPress SEO meta keywords template and prefer those keywords output in lowercase, then filtering the content as seen above will do that for you.

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Four Free Options for Adding Contact Forms to your Website

Let’s say you have a static website hosted on something like Github Pages. I have one at edreckers@github.io. I am pointing my domain edreckers.com to it via CNAME.

These are static HTML sites and I needed to place a contact form on it. I needed a simple solution for someone to submit an email and comment/message on my static site.

Here are four ways to add an email form on a static HTML only website.

You get 3 free embeddable forms with a single Wufoo account. You can see this option used on my own personal website at www.edreckers.com. This is a Github Pages static hosted website with a CNAME record for www.edreckers.com.

Brace Forms
These guys just have you point the form action to their site along with your url. From Brace.io, “Just send your form to our URL and we’ll forward it to your email. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required — perfect for static sites!”

Simple Form
You create an account with them, receive a public API key and check your messages with a private API key. You get the form HTML which you can embed on your static site. From Simple Forms, “Simple Form allows you to setup forms with any kind of data (including file uploads) in 2 easy steps”.

Google Docs
Google Docs let’s you create an embeddable form that you can collect in Google Sheet. From the Google Docs page, “Create a form and collect the responses in a Google Docs spreadsheet.”.

I’m sure there are others, but if you’re looking for ways to embed a contact form on a static HTML page or website, you can’t go wrong looking into the options above.

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