Good Practices for WordPress Guest Blogging

Guest blogging for the sole purpose of creating links has been around for years and the abuse of this approach is what Google is now emphasizing must change for the sake of good link building.

In today’s climate some good common sense is all you need when considering taking on guest-blog posts for your WordPress blog.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of Google regarding your WordPress guest-blog posts as too spammy simply adhere to these points good practices for WordPress guest blogging:

Real Value is Key

  • When accepting guest posts make sure they will provide your readers real value; in other words, make sure the post is authentic
  • Check and be critical of the site you link out to. When in doubt exercise your right to protect your content with a nofollow attribute to any external links.
  • Outbound links should be limited to those that add real value to your readers.
  • Don’t accept guest blog posts just for the sake of ‘fillers’. High quality, interesting and well-written posts should always be at the forefront.

Follow these good practices for WordPress Guest Blogging and you will see your SERPs rise while staying in the good graces of Matt Cutts.

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