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If your marketing team is looking to increase lead generation and conversions having a highly optimized site is critical. Whether you’ve had your website built for some time, have utilized different resources to update or maintain your site, or have a less than favorable grade after running a speed test on your site …these are all viable reasons to consider a WordPress site audit.

I get asked frequently how we approach this task and what focus points come into play in conducting an audit. Below is a short list which speaks to the nuts and bolts of what we will drill down on.

Focus Points for a WordPress Site Audit

  • evaluate hosting and server security
  • evaluate backup and rollback procedures
  • review and evaluate plugins
  • mark plugin candidates for roll-in
  • review user access control
  • review theme
  • review page building
  • review version control and deployment
  • review for general publisher usability
  • page speed audit
  • technical SEO audit

As a result of an audit we would be able to speak to the condition of your site and provide recommendations on approaches for short term/and long term objectives in order to prioritize where updates should be conducted on your site.

Benefits of a WordPress Site Audit

Keeping up with today’s site requirements to ensure that your site is ranked well by the search engines is more demanding than it ever has been.  Factors that come into play are responsiveness, site speed, site authority and best practices for code and assets. A WordPress site audit will shine light on areas that have cracks that very well effect your marketing efforts. The sooner you get your site optimized the sooner you will improve your online presence.

If your marketing team is interested in WordPress site audit, contact us today for more information.
Post updated 2.24.22

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