Why Engagement is Key to Your Social Media Strategy


There’s an older blog post (circa July 2017) by Buffer Social written by Alfred Lua that hones in on some fundamental reasons why businesses have to think outside the box when it comes to establishing a successful social media strategy. Lua points to 4 fundamental reasons why the focus of social media needs to be shifted to providing content that drives engagement on all levels.

A few key quotes from the post:

Businesses that only push out marketing content on social media will miss out the opportunity to serve customers in meaningful ways and might be left obsolete on social media.

Businesses have to change their approach towards social media and go beyond just publishing content. You’ll have to be there and help your customers when they ask for help.

To be seen and heard on social media (organically), you need to create content that engages your fans. The number of engagement on your social media posts influences the number of people who would see them.

It’s a great read on the challenges and changes that an organization faces if they want to tap into the opportunity to connect with fans and customers. This post is well worth reading if you are looking for a solid understanding on how to build stronger brand presence via engagement.




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