Quora Really Hates its Users

Just ran into an inexplicably bad user interaction design today. Quora must really hate me. I’ve heard this called a “squeeze” page in marketing circles, but when I’m an active user, I don’t need the squeeze.

Basically, I have an active account there. Haven’t been in a while so I’m probably logged out. I received one of their Quora Digest emails this morning:

Quora Digest Email
Quora Digest Email

So I end up seeing something I want to read and decide to click through only to be taken to their “welcome” screen.

Quora Welcome Screen
Quora Welcome Screen

I’m an active user and my original intent was to read an article. Obviously I don’t want to follow anyone so I go to look for a Login button. Do you see any?

You can see it in action hereĀ http://www.quora.com/home/welcome.

Quora really hates its active users. A squeeze page with no login option for active users clicking through a link in their weekly digest emails?

Post written by Ed Reckers

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  1. Alan Shutko

    There’s no login button because you are already logged in! They won’t let you read anything until you’ve jumped through their hoops and followed five topics, followed five subtopics, and at least hit skip on their two attempts to spam your friends.

    I just emailed privacy@quora.com asking them to delete my account because of this.

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