Whereis ImageMagick

I’m running ImageMagick with Fedora Core 5 and wanting to locate ImageMagick I used whereis. This does not in fact give you the location of ImageMagick as you would think. whereis ImageMagick Returns: ImageMagick: /some/path/to/ImageMagick.1.gz What you’re wanting to do … Read More

Installing ImageMagick on Fedora Core 5

Installing ImageMagick on Fedora Core 5 is as simple as using the yum utility: yum install ImageMagick There’s a little information on this here: http://www.gria.org/docs/5.0.1/user-guide/installation/services/fc5-pre.html You can then test on the command line: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/convert.php

Chmod Recursively

To chmod recursively, meaning directories and all directories within, you’d use the -R option: chmod -R 755 From the chmod man page: -R, –recursive change files and directories recursively This is all simple enough, but for some reason I always … Read More