IP Cloud

There’s a concept I’ve been thinking of lately, which I see no reason won’t be taking off within a few years. It’s a concept of an “IP Cloud”. Technically, it’s a centralized database of ip-associated user profiles compiled by all … Read More

Import pMachine Blog Posts Into TypePad

Ok, here’s a little bonus. I spent some time importing blog posts from pMachine into TypePad the other day. To import the posts into TypePad you can use the Movable type import format. This format is discussed here: http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/docs/mtimport The … Read More

Creating WordPress Pretty Links

I’m looking at the documentation of WordPress Permalinks, more specifically, their “Pretty Permalinks“. What makes this hard is that I can’t easily find where they explain the instructions for creating the category/pagename link structure: site.com/category/post-name.html instructions. What you need to … Read More