Whereis ImageMagick

I’m running ImageMagick with Fedora Core 5 and wanting to locate ImageMagick I used whereis. This does not in fact give you the location of ImageMagick as you would think.

whereis ImageMagick


ImageMagick: /some/path/to/ImageMagick.1.gz

What you’re wanting to do in most situations is to actually locate the command you’re using. So, since you’re using ImageMagick’s command ‘convert’ you’d actually search for that:

whereis convert

This will give you the path from which you’ll be running the ImageMagick command. So, for example:


So, whereis, is the right way to go about locating ImageMagick, but if you’re looking the path to the ImageMagick commmand you’ll be using, than that, is what you’ll need to search for.

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