A Case for Web Development Standards

I’m proposing a case for Web Development Standards in project procurement. I’m noticing a glaring mistrust by clients in the consulting business due to having been burnt previously. I believe that much of this may be due to this industry … Read More

Indie Music Reviews Site Launch

I’m happy to report that the site Indie Music Reviews has just been launched. This site designed under our design company Kliky.Com offered interesting insight into the use of open source content management systems, in this case Joomla. You can … Read More

Whereis ImageMagick

I’m running ImageMagick with Fedora Core 5 and wanting to locate ImageMagick I used whereis. This does not in fact give you the location of ImageMagick as you would think. whereis ImageMagick Returns: ImageMagick: /some/path/to/ImageMagick.1.gz What you’re wanting to do … Read More

Installing ImageMagick on Fedora Core 5

Installing ImageMagick on Fedora Core 5 is as simple as using the yum utility: yum install ImageMagick There’s a little information on this here: http://www.gria.org/docs/5.0.1/user-guide/installation/services/fc5-pre.html You can then test on the command line: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/convert.php

Chmod Recursively

To chmod recursively, meaning directories and all directories within, you’d use the -R option: chmod -R 755 From the chmod man page: -R, –recursive change files and directories recursively This is all simple enough, but for some reason I always … Read More