Google's Social Networking API

There’s a bit at the following blog on Google’s launch it’s new social networking api: Google has announced OpenSocial, a new open API for social networks. The new standard will allow developers to create Facebook-like apps on any social network … Read More

Password Management for Web Developers

There’s a few discussions on password management when building Web applications. The first post from Coding Horror entitled, “Your Probably Storing Your Passwords Incorrectly” urges developers to NOT store passwords in plain text, which is the true and correct method. … Read More

125 Web Designer Code Snippets

There’s a blog post with 125 Web Designer resources worth taking a look at: This is not my list! I snagged the list from, I’ve just compiled it all into a single resource. Below are 125 handy HTML, … Read More

5 Must Have Tools for PHP Developers

Here’s a blog post with a nice list of PHP Tools: I’m especially interested in Phing, a project build system, which I’ll be using for an application I’ll be building in partnership with another company. Here’s a bit summary … Read More

Eric Shmidt on Web 3.0

I just had to post this: Schmidt launched into a great definition of Web 3.0. He said that while Web 2.0 was based on Ajax, Web 3.0 will be “applications that are pieced together” – with the characteristics that … Read More