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Squishy is a Responsive WordPress Theme based on Theme Hybrid, Hybrid Core and 1140 CSS Grid. This is a Parent Theme used by Red Bridge Internet for quick deploy of Responsive WordPress Themes and projects. Squishy is hosted on BitBucket: … Read More

A Nice Slide Presentation on Responsive Web Design

There is a wonderful presentation called, “What the Heck is Responsive Web Design” by John Polacek on his Github using scrolldeck.js: Definitely check out scrolldeck.js used to create the slide deck still presenation.

San Francisco WordPress Consultants

Looking for a San Francisco WordPress Consultant? You found Red Bridge Internet and that’s the right place! We have been quite active lately as WordPress Consultants for businesses in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Our most recent work consisted of a quick turn … Read More

Restricted Site Access Plus

I don’t provide this plugin for public download (it’s still too customized to be made publicly available). If you need access to the files or just have questions just contact me and I’ll try and help.

How to chown and chgrp at the same time

Stupid simple command to change ownership (chown) and change group (chgrp) at the same time. To simultaneously change both the owner and group of files or directories in linux use the following command structure: chown someusername:somegroupname filename.ext You can man … Read More