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How to Print Active WordPress Template File

I’ve needed to print the currently active WordPress template file and have forgotten it enough times now to finally document it as a post. During development, there’s usually always a time when you’ll want to detect the the template file that’s being … Read More

Files to Remove After Drupal Installation

After an installation or upgrade you can and should remove the following files: install.php CHANGELOG.txt INSTALL.txt INSTALL.mysql.txt INSTALL.pgsql.txt LICENSE.txt MAINTAINERS.txt UPGRADE.txt I’m basing this on the post “Finalize the upgrade” from the Drupal documentation. I’m actually going to add a … Read More

How to Replace or Remove WordPress Howdy

You can either replace or remove the WordPress Howdy message in the administrative back-end by adding the following in your WordPress theme’s functions.php file: It was recently brought to my attention that this method of removing Howdy from the WordPress admin bar … Read More

WordPress Master Notes

Basically, I’m tired of chasing down my WordPress notes, code snippets, tips, etc.. I’m going to give a public blog post Master Notes page a shot. I figure it might help someone, it’ll keep me interested in adding to and … Read More