Grooveshark Streaming Issue Sprint HTC Evo

Grooveshark Sprint HTC Evo ErrorJust took care of a streaming issue on my Sprint HTC Evo for Grooveshark, a streaming music service. There’s a number of forum posts on the internet, most on Android forums discussing it, but I saw a hell of a lot of noise. There were just too many differing “solutions” which seemed not to match my exact issue.




I eventually found my way to the Grooveshark forums:

There’s another post on the Grooveshark Blog which explains the issue as well:

Well, to make a long story short I started out by calling Sprint customer service to retrieve my MSL as suggested in the first forum post. However, what eventually ended up happening is that they just sent a Streaming Reset to my device. That actually took care of the issue (as of this writing) and now my Grooveshark streaming issue on my Sprint HTC Evo seems to have been fixed.

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  1. edward weaver

    Please let me have grooveshark in my HTC sprint phone

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