Webalizer with Virtual Hosts on Fedora Core 5

Quick notes on my implementation of Webalizer on multiple virtual hosts with Fedora Core 5. There is documentation that I used off the mrunix webalizer faq files. Mainly the INSTALL file. Here are the steps I followed:

create ‘webalizer’ directory in /etc
make a copy of the main webalizer.conf

$ cp /etc/webalizer.conf /etc/webalizer/sitedomain.conf

edit sitedomain.conf:
=> update LogFile (directory needs to be created)
=> update OutputDir (directory needs to be created)
=> update HistoryName
=> update IncrementalName
=> update HostName

test webalizer in /etc/webalizer/

$ webalizer -c sitedomain.conf

    Running the .conf file in this directory will output the proper webalizer files in the OutputDir you’d specified. To run daily, it needs to be added to the daily cron:

    make webalizer cron file in /etc/cron.daily/

    —————— it should look like so ————-
    if [ -s /path/to/your/trans_log ]; then
    exec webalizer -c /etc/webalizer/sitename.conf -Q

    make sure .conf is chmod 666

    run ./webalizercron on command line

    That should do it. This is how you create multiple instances of webalizer if you’re hosting multiple virutal hosts on your on server running Fedora Core 5. And yes, i realize this is a mess. I’ll go back in and reformat this when time permits.

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