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woocommerce shipping set up questions

Have questions regarding your WooCommerce shipping set up? Once your decision has been made that you are going to set up WooCommerce for your store or retail items the next set of important questions evolve around shipping options and processes.

As a go to reference I always have clients read the following overview from WooThemes which outlines things rather well when getting started.

From the WooThemes blog post, here is a good list of items to consider for your WooCommerce shipping set up:

  • Basic shipping logistics — Where will you be shipping from? Do you have enough space? Make sure your station is efficient and your setup will get you in and out quickly.
  • Which carriers you use — Do you use a local carrier or a national one? Shop around and make sure you negotiate those rates!
  • How you calculate rates — Rate calculators are the easiest way to come up with the right prices for your shipments.
  • What you charge your customers — Consider implementing multiple shipping rate options to avoid overcharging — or undercharging — customers who are very close or very far from you.
  • How you communicate with customers about shipments — Automated emails don’t have to be boring. Spice them up with links, resources, or some clever copywriting.
  • What you include with your shipments — Consider placing receipts, packlists, instructions, or even personalized notes in your boxes.
  • How you facilitate returns — Either include a label with your order, or be prepared to send one when it’s needed. Make your return policy clear and easy to find.

Addressing this thorough list will enable you to prepare and understand the critical facets to setting up a good shipping process for your online store. More importantly you’ll forgo over thinking the big picture.  Remember, the good news is we are here to help facilitate the set up process to achieve your goals.

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