Why Quality Managed WordPress Hosting Is Important

Why Quality Managed WordPress Hosting Is Important

When a prospective client begins there discussion with us in regards to a website development or redesign we find ourselves always emphasizing why quality managed WordPress hosting is important. It’s never a fun discussion when the client has to consider moving away from an inexpensive option.  I will breakdown the key reasons why quality hosting for your website is a necessity.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a hosting package which bundles a group of well needed backend tasks and services such as: support, backups, configurations, security updates and many great tools to help you run and manage your WordPress website relatively seamlessly.


One of the top reasons for moving your site to a quality managed WordPress host is to make sure that updates as they are released are updated on your site accordingly. These days, security updates can come fast and furious and require you to be in the know. With managed hosting you can remain at ease while security updates are handled by an expert in the field.


It’s no secret that a site with fast page load times outperforms other sites and thus will rank better in search results. Managed hosting offers robust speeds due to better caching and better server resource management.

Back Ups

Having regular backups in place for your website is like insurance. Should something go wrong having a backup or restore option is usually a few clicks away.



When considering the above reasons and what it would cost you to manage these items yourself or outsource them to individual platforms the value in managed hosting is irrefutable. Choosing a quality managed hosting provider allows you to outsource quintessential tasks like performance tuning, security and a back up and archival system with one provider.

Here at Red Bridge Internet having a client on anything else but a well managed host is a disservice.  Our preferred WordPress managed hosting provider is wpengine.com.







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