Sourcing WordPress Themes and Plugins

Let’s face it one of the biggest advantages in having a WordPress site is the flexibility that themes and plugins can provide when it comes to customizing your website. I’m often asked by clients “what should I look for while sourcing WordPress themes and plugins”? This is a good question that I will address in this post.


The number one thing I tell clients to consider is the source of the theme or plugin they are considering in the first place. A reputable source can easily be qualified by reviews.  If you aren’t sure, I suggest running your options by a WordPress developer first. It could seriously spare you a lot of grief! In short you want to rule out using a WordPress theme or plugin that has wreaked havoc for others.


A theme or plugin that offers support is equally as important as the source. I find that if a theme or plugin is young this is really key. Reach out in advance to the source, if anything to test their willingness to respond to your questions or concerns. This criteria should definitely be considered if you are paying for a plugin or theme.

WordPress Repository

If you are opting for a free theme or plugin I always recommend limiting your search within the WordPress repository. Themes and plugins listed here are checked periodically for vulnerabilities plus you will find information on updates, compatibility and reviews all of which are helpful in helping you make a choice.

Choose Wisely

In the end you will want to make a choice that will enable you to manage your site efficiently without a lot of hassle to install. Recognize your skill level as well. If you aren’t a coder you’ll want to stay away from themes or plugins that require code insertion otherwise work with a developer that can do it for you.

Focus on features you really need. Bear in mind, that efficiency is key for ensuring that your site won’t be slowed down by these add ons. Once you’ve installed a plugin always make sure to monitor your site performance


The above points should aid in helping you source for WordPress themes and plugins that will be optimal for your site needs.

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