Quality Hosting Plays An Integral Role For Your WordPress Website

If you are considering cheaper hosting to keep costs down you need to understand that quality hosting plays an integral role for your WordPress website. It’s seriously important.

Time and time again the choice to go with cheaper hosting never outweighs the peace of mind of having a quality hosting provider. If you are running a business and rely on uptime, speed and efficiency for your clients/visitors the stakes are high. Quality hosting is like insurance for your website; when something goes wrong you want the support you need to keep your business going 24/7.

Your site is getting unprecedented traffic due to big mention on a blog and suddenly goes down. Frustrating right? With quality hosting you get the assurance for uptime when needed. Have a new staff member working on your WordPress site and they inadvertently make a site update that results in a problem? With quality hosting you have those site backups readily available when need be. Got wind of a new security update that needs to be implemented right now? A quality hosting provider will address these issues head on.  With cheaper hosting you sign up for a scaled down version of hosting that positions you, the site owner to tend to these issue on your own.  These set backs will bring your business to a potential standstill and typically result in a financial setback due to time and resources required to reach a resolve.

This summer we made a pivotal decision as a firm to provide our clients top class WordPress hosting via wpengine.com. Over time we have concluded that managing ‘cheaper’ hosting platforms for our clients inevitably results in additional ‘development time and resources’ which isn’t cost effective nor beneficial for site performance.

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