Prevent HTML Reformatting with Joomla Editor

I recently had had enough of Joomla’s default content editor reformatting the html source in my static and content items. Joomla’s default editor is TinyMCE, and it’s a pretty capable option for editing. However, I’m often editing the html directly and I needed to make sure that when saved, the html source code was not being reformatted.

In order to prevent reformatting, follow these steps:

1. fire up your admin
2. select Menu => Mambots => Site Mambots
3. select TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor
4. deselect Parameters => Code Cleanup

Now, I must say that there is a message along with this parameter which reads:

By default TinyMCE will clean your code of certain html elements, like script and center tags, for security and XHTML compliance. We recommend you do not deactivate this functionality.

Now, in my case, and since at least in my opinion the html source will be pretty clean, I’ve decided that that risk was worth taking.

So, all in all, i think that’s it. This is the way in which you keep Joomla’s default content editor TinyMCE, from reformatting your html code.

Post written by Ed Reckers

Founder and lead web development consultant at Red Bridge Internet : San Francisco WordPress Developers and Consultants.

6 Responses to “Prevent HTML Reformatting with Joomla Editor”

  1. Ricardo

    Hi Man

    You saved my life. I hate this stupid clean up thing. I really like the old good way of cleaning it.

  2. Johann

    As Ricardo mentioned, you also made my life so much easier, thanks for this tip. I was not really in the mood for additional plugins and what ever modules etc.

    This is a simple yet effective way solving the problem

  3. Jeff

    I 3rd the compliment. This thing was driving me nuts!!!!!

  4. Kevin

    I love you dude, thanks for the tip as all the other websites had the wrong freakin guides. Just wanted to switch it off!!

    Thanks BRU!

  5. Nisse

    The succer is still “cleaning up” my code even after changing that parameter.

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