Nokia N8 Prototype Pictures

Engadget snapped a few photos and was able to handle a prototype of Nokia’s N8 in London recently, which will be hitting shelves Q3 of this year loaded with Symbian 3. Below is a photo of the Nokia N8 as well as a few observations from Engadget:

Nokia N8 Prototype

The anodized aluminum shell feels very well built and is remarkably light. So much so that our first instinct was to ask whether the battery was inside or this was just a hollow mockup. We’d compare it to the feeling of picking up the Zune HD for the first time, it’s a strikingly light device. Plopping it into our pocket also felt extremely natural, which might be attributable to the particular curvature of the N8’s sides.

Please be sure to read the full post at Engadget for the the Nokia N8 Hands-On.

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