MySQL Config Examples

I recently was on the search for a few examples of active MySQL configuration files (my.cnf). It’s always nice to see someone else’s production version of a configuration file and during this search I realized that not a lot of examples of MySQL config files were to be found on the internet.

The first place to start is MySQL’s examle config files. You can find this in mysql’s doc share, ie:


There are 5 example MySQL configuration files provided with most systems:

  1. my-small.cnf
  2. my-medium.cnf
  3. my-large.cnf
  4. my-huge.cnf
  5. my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf

You can take a look at the example MySQL config files above to get an idea of how these settings can be handled.

Here are a couple links to pages with MySQL config file examples:

Here’s a link worth reading:

That’s it for now. This is a resource page/blog post pointing to example MySQL configuration files.

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