Keys To Quality WordPress Development

I’ve been explaining what is important when considering quality traits that are keys to quality wordpress development and this recent read really struck a chord.

If you’re even slightly intrigued by the WordPress Community, its platform and those that live and breathe it like we do…make sure to hop on over to this post titled 7 Things WordPress Developers do Right by blog Things That Matter Most.

Some points that resonated from this read:

WordPress developers, more than developers in other ecosystems, recognize that they are not their customers. We recognize that, while being paid to solve a problem for our direct customer, our responsibility also includes solving problems for our customers’ customers.

If you’ve ever met a WordPress developer without a long-term business strategy, you’ve met someone who won’t be involved in the community for too much longer. Quality developers often have some sort of long-term goal and a strategy for reaching it, be that publishing a book, securing a position with a larger WordPress agency, or publishing and maintaining a premium theme/plugin.

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