Increase Number of Joomla Home Page Items

Joomla installs with a default of only 3 to 4 items on the home page (depending on your column configuration). I found it was somewhat complicated to find the administrative screen allowing you to increase the number of content items showing on a joomla home page.

Since I’ll probably need to find this again, and I’m sure I’ll forget before then. Below are the instructions:

1. fire up your Admin
2. select Menu => mainmenu
3. select ‘Home’ in Menu Item column
4. update #Intro in Parameters module

That’s it. Increasing this to 4 will allow up to 4 content items on the home page (actually 5 if you’re using the #Leading).

So, it seems a little counterintuitive to have to enter through the Menu manager in order to access the home page Parameters with the Joomla Admin, but it is what it is.

Post written by Ed Reckers

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9 Responses to “Increase Number of Joomla Home Page Items”

  1. ed

    This was a nice little tut.

  2. Gabriel

    THANK YOU!!!! I have been looking for this solution for weeks!!!! It was not at all intuitive to find, so I really appreciate you posting this.

  3. ed

    No problem. I agree, it seems like such a fundamental issue, yet one of the hardest solutions to dig up. I’m glad to hear it helped someone out!

  4. David

    Thanks so much. Three items plus a “More” link was a little weak, and also looked odd when the flanking columns were well populated.

  5. Rob

    Thank you! Your advice is up high in a Google search so there are a lot of use who forget how we did it last time!!! cheers

  6. elakiri Lanka

    Thank you so much .

    It worked finally I found the solution

    I have used ur tips to customize htp://

  7. SAW nico

    Cheers for this. Next version should include setup in the Front Page Manager

  8. sammy

    Thx mate, u helped me out.


  9. Ales

    Thanks! This is really hidden nicely… 🙂 You saved me a lot of searching…

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