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While running a business, it’s often evident that updating your own blog can be the last chore on your ongoing list of to-dos. Oddly enough as web designers and developers we often find ourselves in the very position of reciting the importance of fresh and regular content to our clients. (This was the year I was going to get better at it myself; we shall see.)

A blog post here on Forbes does a fine job pointing out solid ways to improve your site rankings:

You can regularly publish blog posts on the latest topics and trends within your industry, which helps your search engine ranking in the long run, and the new content gives your customers a reason to return to your site.

If you get yourself in a slump and need to be inspired for getting back on track to a consistent blog posting schedule you need to read this post! There’s some great case data that sheds insight on how a lack of posts can effect rankings:

If we’re talking specifically about search engine ranking, it’s pretty clear that if you stop blogging dead in the water, or if you taper off too much and don’t maintain a consistent schedule, you’re going to lose rankings. You can go from one to six in your search ranking for your key terms. You simply have less and less fresh new value to provide to the world, and you’re dropped in ranking accordingly.

It’s no wonder that being a consistent blogger is no small feat; it demands a time commitment along with the required skill of context switching. How do you make it happen? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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