How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly For Google

Want to know how to make a WordPress website mobile friendly for Google?

In this post I will outline the essential reasons and factors that are involved in getting your website mobile friendly today.

Why make your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly

Smartphone purchases have already surpassed PC purchases, but by 2017, 87% of the worldwide smart connected device market will be tablets and smartphone, with PCs (both desktop and laptop) being just 13% (IDC). This year, there will be more people accessing the web using a mobile device than a wireless computer (IDC). — Parature

It’s no secret that Google has been inching towards making search engine result pages more user friendly on tablets and smartphones. Conduct a search these days on mobile, and you may notice sites that have tags that read “mobile friendly”.

If you have had your website verified via Google Webmaster Tools and your site is not mobile friendly, you can expect to receive a warning from Google informing you that your site may not rank well in mobile search results. The good news here is that Google will provide documentation on necessary steps to fix the issue.

Test your site

If you are in doubt, Google now provides a quick testing tool for any site to see if it’s mobile friendly.

how to make a wordpress website mobile friendly for google

Responsive web design

These days every conversation with a client addresses the benefits and importance of a responsive website design. It’s a must have. The beauty of having a responsive site is that it automatically adapts the page layout with most modern day screen resolutions and displays well on mobile devices.

These days there are plenty of responsive WordPress themes and templates to work with to accomplish this goal.

Mobile SEO optimization

Once your WordPress site is mobile friendly, you’ll want to focus additional efforts on several key SEO optimization factors. A few areas of interest on this front include optimizations for videos and/or images, page load speeds, site maps, easy intuitive design and strategic content placement.

It’s a new year and it’s the right time to shift your focus on ensuring that your WordPress website is mobile friendly. Contact us today to help you get this task done!


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