How To Add Notes To WordPress Dashboard

Often times we hear from clients that they want to know how to add notes to WordPress dashboard so they can share thoughts with other users on their site.

Good news! There is a great WordPress Plugin that will allow you to do this.
The first step you’ll have to do is activate the plugin named: Dashboard Notepad. Once installed go to your dashboard and you will see a notepad located at the bottom of your screen.

This notepad will allow you to store notes in this window. Note, this is a central window where any all notes will be stored. Logically you may find it best to delete notes you no longer need, etc.

Another cool feature with this plugin is you can designate which users can view these notes along with setting permissions on who has the right to edit them as well.

Make sure to refer to the installation steps when uploading and configuring this plugin. If you have used it or are new to this plugin let us know what you think!





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