Display Joomla Menu Sublevels in Flatlist

I was recently trying to figure out how display sublevel menu items with the Joomla menu style set as Flatlist. I found a post here:


You can search the page for this single posting:

Oke, I did a little searching and I’ve found a solution for dispaying sublevels when the mainmenu is set to flatlist:

U can use the module ‘extended menu’ found here:

And the explanation of the settings can be found here:

This way you can display the mainmenu module in a flat list and still have the sublevels in the menu.

The only problem is that I can’t get it to work properly in IE.. The content is showing underneeth the menu now.. but I’m still playing with the settings, perhaps it is something I did wrong. In Firefox it works like a charm

So, what I ended up doing was installing the Joomla extension Extended Menu. This allowed me to use the menu style in flatlist while still using sublevel menu items. After looking at the menu component core, I believe that this is the only way to accomplish this. If anyone knows different, please feel free to comment.

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