Create Post on Hosted Blog via Unified Dashboard

This post is essentially a test of posting via unified dashboard connected via the Jetpack plugin. The image below is what I’m writing on at the moment:


Jetpack Post to Site

So, I’ve got this thing written and will be posting shortly.

If successful, then it I might find this handy in the future.

It’s WordPress Jetpack’s site management dashboard at:¬†

I actually came across the posting ability while using Jetpack’s dashboard to manage Plugins across multiple Jetpack activated installations across multiple servers (which is nice). The URL for this is:

Going to Publish now. See you soon!

Post-Post Notes:

One thing I noticed is that it appeared to insert the image as a Full Size image and also fails to insert any Custom CSS for the media file. The IMG tag that came through looked like this:

<img class="alignnone" title="Post via Jetpack Dashboard" src="" alt="Post via Jetpack Dashboard" width="1306" height="922">

I was actually go back in and add my own custom css via the media editor. However, I don’t see options to select other thumbnail sizes (ie. Medium, Large).

I fixed by just going back in and re-adding the image (Add Media). Odd thing was that I saw a duplicate of the image in the Media Library. The image we see now was the re-inserted Media image.


Post written by Ed Reckers

Founder and lead web development consultant at Red Bridge Internet : San Francisco WordPress Developers and Consultants.

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