How to chown and chgrp at the same time

Stupid simple command to change ownership (chown) and change group (chgrp) at the same time. To simultaneously change both the owner and group of files or directories in linux use the following command structure: chown someusername:somegroupname filename.ext You can man … Read More

What time is the women’s World Cup?

The FIFA Women’s World Cup finals match between the United States and Japan will take place Sunday, July 17 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time 11:00AM Pacific Standard Time. Official Kickoff time is 11:45am PST and 2:45PM … Read More

How to Export Subscribers from WordPress.Com

If there comes a time that you need to export subscribers from WordPress.Com follow these simple steps: login to select Dashboard : Site Stats locate Totals, Subscriptions & Shares metabox select Site Subscriptions : [] active subscribers select either … Read More