How to Check Loaded Extensions on Linux

If you’d like to check your loaded extensions on a Linux machine, create a PHP file with this line: print_r(get_loaded_extensions()); If the file where named print_extensions.php, save and run your file from the command line: php print_extensions.php That’s it. This … Read More

How to Change Shell to Bash

If you’d like to change your shell to bash you can first view your shell by entering the following at the command line: echo $SHELL To change your shell to bash you’ll need to know it’s location. For FreeBSD enter … Read More

Google eCommerce Tracking with osCommerce

Below are some notes on how I implemented Google eCommerce Tracking with my osCommerce store. You can view Google’s instructions on enabling e-commerce tracking here: In order to add Google transactions tracking to my osCommerce store I needed to … Read More

osCommerce Tax By State

There is sometimes confusion with the setup of state specific tax rates with osCommerce. For instance if you are charging state taxes shipped within state for such states as Ohio (OH) or California (CA) then you need to assure that … Read More