How to Install Joomla FireBoard with Community Builder

I recently installed FireBoard with my Joomla installation, which also uses Community Builder. One thing I noticed is the absence of a decent set of step-by-step instructions for the FireBoard install.

I’ll list here the quick and dirty installation instructions for Joomla FireBoard using Community Builder which I found to be quite simple.

You must note that this is a ‘clean’ installation. I had not had any other Board component installed with Community Builder before hand.

The first step is to download the FireBoard component and FireBoard CB Plugin. Links for downloading the 2 are below:

1. FireBoard – Download Info
2. FireBoard CB Plugin – Download Info


FireBoard is a Component, so you will install it as so. The following steps walks you through installing the component, setup of database tables, and loading sample data.

1. fire up your Admin
2. select Installers => Components
3. browse for file (component_Fireboard_Forum_1.0.0) and Install
4. select Components => Fireboard Forums
5. select Apply for ‘Clean Installation’
6. select Compoents => FireBoard Forums
7. select ‘Load Sample Data’

Now, that should be enough to have loaded up FireBoard for your Joomla installation. The next thing is to load the FireBoard CB Plugin.

1. still in Admin
2. select Components => Community Builder => Plugin Management
3. select Install Plugin
4. select Publish the new Plugin

Now, the next thing to do is to link it. In this case I linked it to the main public menu, but you can link it to anything you’d like. Personal preference I suppose.

1. still in Admin
2. select Menu => mainmenu
3. select New
4. select Component
5. select Next
6. select Fireboard Forum (Name it: Forum (or whatever))
7. select Save

Ok, so that’s the quick and dirty. I’ll be sure to update this with any additional information I find.

Post written by Ed Reckers

Founder and lead web development consultant at Red Bridge Internet : San Francisco WordPress Developers and Consultants.

22 Responses to “How to Install Joomla FireBoard with Community Builder”

  1. Roz

    Thank you for your installation guideline. This was very useful for me.

    I have one question for you though, I installed Fireboard as a ‘clean installation’. When tried to follow your 2nd module, I don’t have ‘community builder’ under components menu.

    The forum working though, but I am occasionally getting error messages. I wonder that could be for not being able to install the plug ins. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  2. ed


    Without knowing what the error is, I wouldn’t know what problem you might be having.

    It looks like the Best of Joomla forums are starting to get more traction, so you might inquire there,com_fireboard/Itemid,38/

  3. Stu

    Thanks for this info

  4. Budi

    Thanks for your installation guide. It helps me alot.

  5. ikerz


  6. Ahmed

    Really thank you soooo much very simple .. thank you

  7. aff

    many thankz….

  8. LT

    Thanks alot. I’ve been searching for an hour or two trying to find how to actually reach the forum after installing it! This information is nowhere in the install instructions… oh hang on, there aren’t any 🙂

  9. Cole

    Hey, I downloaded 1.0.3, and I got a folder titled: “Fireboard_Forum_1.0.3_UnzipFirst.” Clicking on that I found component_Fireboard_Forum_1.0.3,which is a folder. opening that I got another folder, also titled “component_Fireboard_Forum_1.0.3.” There is no file named “component_Fireboard_Forum_1.0.3,” it is only a folder containing files like “Fireboard.php” I am confused, and I am stuck at instruction 3. Please help!

  10. Vdk

    Very good and thorough guide. Very quick and nothing dirty about it!

  11. tim

    the plugin link is returns a 404 page not found. any info on where that link has moved and how come there are not module/plugin downloads on the fireboard download site??

  12. Michael

    The link for FireBoard CB Plugin – Download Info is broken. Perhaps try,com_extensions/page,show_extension/adid,27/catid,5/Itemid,67/

  13. ed

    Michael, thanks for the updated url. I’ve gone ahead and updated the link to the fireboard cb plugin.

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  17. JoRDANA

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    i dont noob!

  18. Luke

    I have to agree, the install in confusing.

  19. carriebergovitz

    Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!

  20. MarkJohnson

    Man you saved me !!! thanks so much. although it was pretty simply, for those of us doing it the first time, is a pain in the but to discovery how its done..

    thanks mate!!

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