125 Web Designer Code Snippets

There’s a blog post with 125 Web Designer resources worth taking a look at: http://www.paulspoerry.com/index.php/2007/05/18/125-code-snippets-for-web-designers/ This is not my list! I snagged the list from tutorialblog.org, I’ve just compiled it all into a single resource. Below are 125 handy HTML, … Read More

5 Must Have Tools for PHP Developers

Here’s a blog post with a nice list of PHP Tools: http://immike.net/blog/2007/08/15/5-tools-every-php-programmer-should-know-about/ I’m especially interested in Phing, a project build system, which I’ll be using for an application I’ll be building in partnership with another company. Here’s a bit summary … Read More

Eric Shmidt on Web 3.0

I just had to post this: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/eric_schmidt_defines_web_30.php Schmidt launched into a great definition of Web 3.0. He said that while Web 2.0 was based on Ajax, Web 3.0 will be “applications that are pieced together” – with the characteristics that … Read More