Link osCommerce infoBox Heading

The osCommerce infoBox arrows are far too small to effectively communicate a linkable area. Instead, I’d think many would just like to make the infoBox title linkable. To accomplish this do the following: => open file /includes/classes/boxes.php => find the … Read More

Add and Edit Images with Joomla JCE Editor

This addition to the Joomla Documentation addresses adding/editing/managing images for both Static and regular Content Items. The editor an Administrator will be using is JCE Editor, which provides more advanced tools then Joomla’s default editor TinyMCE. The following instructions will … Read More

How to Add MySQL Access Logs

In most versions of Linux edit the file: /etc/my.cnf Anywhere under [mysqld] add the line: log-error=/var/log/mysqld.log If log file doesn’t yet exists add and set permissions: touch /var/log/mysqld.log chown mysql:mysql /var/log/mysqld.log Restart MySQL in: cd /etc/rc.d/init.d ./mysqld restart

Google's Social Networking API

There’s a bit at the following blog on Google’s launch it’s new social networking api: Google has announced OpenSocial, a new open API for social networks. The new standard will allow developers to create Facebook-like apps on any social network … Read More