How to Export Subscribers from WordPress.Com

If there comes a time that you need to export subscribers from WordPress.Com follow these simple steps: login to select Dashboard : Site Stats locate Totals, Subscriptions & Shares metabox select Site Subscriptions : [] active subscribers select either … Read More

WordPress Upgrade Shell Script

There’s a couple examples online of shell scripts to upgrade a WordPress installation. However, I’ve ended up creating my own because every configuration (server and WordPress) is inevitably different, requiring you to roll your own. The script below handles a … Read More

How to Print Active WordPress Template File

I’ve needed to print the currently active WordPress template file and have forgotten it enough times now to finally document it as a post. During development, there’s usually always a time when you’ll want to detect the the template file that’s being … Read More

How to Replace or Remove WordPress Howdy

You can either replace or remove the WordPress Howdy message in the administrative back-end by adding the following in your WordPress theme’s functions.php file: It was recently brought to my attention that this method of removing Howdy from the WordPress admin bar … Read More

WordPress Master Notes

Basically, I’m tired of chasing down my WordPress notes, code snippets, tips, etc.. I’m going to give a public blog post Master Notes page a shot. I figure it might help someone, it’ll keep me interested in adding to and … Read More

San Francisco WordPress Plugin Developer

We are San Francisco WordPress Plugin Developers and experts with WordPress Themes and programming custom functions implementing specialized and unique functionality through WordPress Action Hooks and Filters. We create custom WordPress Plugins for clients and sometimes we release these WordPress … Read More