A List of Available APIs

I’m going to keep a running list of APIs and their associated developer Web sites for some of the major internet companies out there today. I may need to go to these one day in building new tools for my projects, so it seems like a good idea to make it publically available:

Yahoo Developer Network
he Yahoo! Developer Network offers Web Services and APIs that make it easy for developers to build applications and mashups that integrate data sources in new ways, making the web a more useful and fun place for everyone.

Google Developer Network
There’s just too much to list here. You’ll need to see it for yourself.

FaceBook Developers
The Facebook API uses a REST-based interface. This means that our Facebook method calls are made over the internet by sending HTTP GET or POST requests to our REST server. With the API, you can add social context to your application by utilizing profile, friend, photo, and event data.

AOL Developer Network
The AOL Developer Network is the community of developers actively engaged in building Web 2.0 applications with AOL’s open APIs. Being a participating network member is your best way to access all the latest AOL open APIs. It also lets you tap into the buzz on cutting-edge programming concepts, cool application features, and vanguard approaches to web development and problem-solving.

YouTube Developer Area
YouTube offers open access to key parts of the YouTube video repository and user community, via an open API interface and RSS feeds. Using our APIs, you can easily integrate online videos from YouTube’s rapidly growing repository of videos into your application. After you’ve created a developer profile, you’ll be ready to tap into the power of YouTube.

Skype Developer Zone
Skype’s API allows developers to create applications that work together with Skype. It’s free to use (as in beer) with commercial and non-commercial applications. Skype API is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services provides developers with direct access to Amazon’s robust technology platform. Build on Amazon’s suite of web services to enable and enhance your applications.

Post written by Ed Reckers

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