Why WordPress SEO by Yoast Is So Effective

For anyone looking to write optimized posts there are several solid reasons why WordPress SEO by Yoast is so effective. It’s a powerful tool and frankly it’s a must have for anyone looking to SEO their blog or website’s content in a seamless manner.

Here are some reasons why WordPress SEO by Yoast is so effective:

Positive Reviews

For starters this plugin has received a lot of positive feedback and reviews and it is a forerunner for effective SEO tools being used in the WordPress community.

Options and Efficiency

SEO by Yoast allows you to set variables for default meta descriptions and titles along with values for pages, posts and custom post types.

Built into this plugin is a page analysis that checks for meta descriptions, keywords, and subheadings; ensuring that these criterias are met in your post.

Snippet previews allow you to see how your link and description will be displayed in search results. Keywords that are a focus on your post will also be highlighted for you.


Social media integration is also customizable with SEO by Yoast. You have the option of customizing titles, images and descriptions when sharing via Facebook and Google+.

If you run a multi site or run multiple blogs you also have the option to copy SEO by Yoast settings on each blog all off one installation.


These are only a few of the reasons why WordPress SEO by Yoast is so effective as a plugin tool. You will want to reference the complete overview before making your final decision.



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