This person will work in a supportive role to our development team. Must have strong skills and experience in site monitoring, analytics, QA and testing.


– Monitor and fix 404 crawl errors
– Monitor and fix Search Console issues
– Search Console management
– Sitemap submissions and management
– Monitor, manage, and improve robots.txt
– Setup GA events tracking + GTM setup
– Setup GA goals
– Setup custom dashboards
– Setup and monitor internal broken links
– Execute portions of our technical seo audits
– Monitor technical seo issues
– Monitor and manage Moz campaigns
– Testing
– Accessibility and compliance testing
– Rich results tool
– Structured Data testing tool
– Pagespeed tests
– Setup A/B tests and Heatmaps
– Google Experiements
– Optimizely
– Hotjar


– Identify conversion tracking opportunities
– Spec event tracking
– Spec goals
– Develop programs for clients from our unique position as a web development partner



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